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We are not a government or part of Singapore government website. We are only a Trusted Partner of Immigration & Check-Point Authority (ICA) Singapore and have rights to apply the tourist visas on behalf of travellers wishing to visit Singapore for Tourism or Business purposes. Applying from us is hassle free, no sponsorship require, easy and convenient without going to the embassy or travel agent. Our unique knowledge of visa requirements and connections in the region enable us to provide you with the highest level of expertise and support to ensure a successful trip, be it for business or for pleasure. This is our unique service entrusted to us by ICA.

If you have a friend or relative who is Singaporean or Singapore PR as a local contact, they can also apply your visa from ICA Government website by using personal SingPass and sponsorship, visa fees SGD $30. Interview might required with local contact with an ICA officer.

Citizen from Assessment Level-1


Citizen from Assessment Level-2



Important note: If you do transfer the visa fees to our bank from overseas (other country than Malaysia or Singapore), please make sure that you bare all the bank transaction charges / bank commission. Usually bank charge their commission when incoming funds come from overseas. OCBC Bank Singapore charge USD $16 and Malaysian Bank charge USD $18. If you are in Malaysia or Singapore, then no need this charge. We will only process the application after receiving the full amount of visa fees.


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